This page contains images (before and after) as well as quotes from my clients

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Melissa Nahshon

“Melissa came to my house yesterday and did an amazing job. She seems to create space where there isn’t any and I now have a couple of extra shelves in my cupboard. She organises things in a way I would never think of. Thanks Melissa, you’ve been a great help.”

“Thank you Melissa for giving order to my utility room/linen closet yesterday. Not only do I have a beautifully organized space now (even my cleaner was excited by it today!) but you gave me tools that I can use in other spaces such as: its preferable to put things in storeage boxes or clear plastic baskets than just in a bag or on a shelf; a fragrance sachet adds a nice smell to a cupboard and wards off fishmoths…and many more tips. Can’t wait to attack other messy spaces in my house.”

“Thank you so much to my great friend Melissa Nahshon for helping me put Order in the Clothes Closet! Or, more accurately, I helped her a little, while talking on the phone, while she did most of the hard work! The results are great: I know where every piece of clothing I own is, everything folded or hung nicely and stored in an orderly fashion THAT I CAN MAINTAIN EASILY, a giant, heavy bag of clothes gone to charity, and I feel physically and mentally lighter and less cluttered! A fun, productive time was had by all! Thanks again Meliss! XO.”

“I’ve seen first hand Melissa’s incredible talent for organizing and getting my friend’s house in order. Very impressive and would recommend her services.”

“Thank you so much!!! I am loving my newly organized basement! I highly recommend calling Melissa!!”


“I’ve had Melissa over probably about 4 or 5 times JUST to tackle my basement! It was a total disaster and the task was just so daunting I knew i could never do it alone. Best decision I made was to call Melissa. I wish i’d have taken some before photos (though they would have been a little embarrassing) but i’ll definately post some ‘after’ pics. I’m so thrilled with the results, thanks so much Melissa!”

“Melissa Nahshon comes to your house and transfers it into a home!
every time I visit a friend that Melissa helped, I can see her distinct mark and wonderful job! Highly recommended!”